Your job search documents consist of a cover letter, resume, and thank you letter. Why pay individual prices for these essential items, especially nowadays? For a flat investment provides you with these documents and more!
You get...

  Your resume       
1. One Word document (with or without testimonials)
2. One Plain Text document (with or without testimonials)

  Cover Letters  (including a special way to overcome not having the contact's name!)       
1. Company Cover Letter
- Two Word documents, with and without contact name                      
2. Recruiter Cover Letter 
- Two Word documents, with and without contact name                 
3.  Unsolicited Cover Letter, a.k.a. Cold Cover Letter
 - One Word document for applying
for a job that is not advertised.

  Thank-you letters       
1. After an interview
- One Word document       
2. After meeting at a job fair
- One Word document

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