Operation Eagle Allies is a potential collaboration between you and I for the benefit of our applicants who are experienced B2B sales representatives. It is a professional collaboration of our individual and professional proficiencies: 5-star staffing, and exclusive focus in providing superior sales job search documents.

The type of applicant we will solely focus on is experienced B2B sales representatives. Please see www.eaglesalesresumes.com for a list of applicable titles. It is not for sales managers and above. Only said applicants can be referred, and should have a minimum of 1 year successful, verifiable business-to-business sales experience in any industry or industries, and their updated resume.

Henceforth on this page, the one and only staffing professional I will be working directly with will be known as “the contact.” Said person can either be you, a colleague, or an employee who deals with numerous B2B sales applicants.  

As a personal and professional way of saying “thank you” to the contact, they will receive a gift of $25.00 for each referred applicant who​ successfully orders on www.eaglesalesresumes.com/order to have their job search documents done. The $25.00 will not be awarded to the contact unless or until each referred applicant successfully orders on www.eaglesalesresumes.com/order  to have their job search documents done. This stipulation is non-negotiable and must be agreed up by the contact.     

Actual awarding of the earned $25.00 will be initiated via Zelle. 

* This offer is completely free; there is no financial cost to the contact and your company.  

* The contact can discontinue or pause our collaboration at any time without penalty.  This is not a membership. The contact can provide qualified referrals as often as they like. 

* Stipulation if this offered is immediately declined by the contact: we remain friends and in occasional mutual contact.  

* This offer is win-win! 

The contact person needs to register here with their work email address in order validate that the contact is a recruiter/staffing member associate. They also have the option to add a personal email address if they prefer communicating via this address. IMPORTANT: I maintain and adhere to a strict no SPAM policy. I also adhere to what I call the no “Is everything ok?” email policy. An “Is everything ok?” message translated to mean, “You haven’t sent me any referrals lately. Why?” All communication between the contact and me will only pertain to Eagle Allies topics, e.g., about an applicant, questions and comments, and payment of their referral gift. Thank you. 

Thank you.    

Kind regards,  

John Swet